No, I don't either!
 Aladdin's Cave. By the sea.
 Just get over it!

 Big Bands at the Proms.

 Mr. Blue Sky.
 His Bob-ness a-blur in Albert's Hallway.
 Waiting in the weeds...
 Words of wisdom.
 Who's got the sausages?
 Harley Heaven.
 Small works.
 Oh deer!
Its loveliness increases...

 Magna Carta 800 x 3.
 And the other half...?


 Gold star.
 Hearts of gold...


Pictures but not much work...

 Gilded tile.

Flintstone esque Tower in Lille.

  "Okay, Okay, you can have some ice cream..."
Transport solutions Amsterdam style

 Outside Chipsy King in Amsterdam... (no really! Ole)

                                                                   My kind of tree.                                                           
 Bring on No. 6!

 Still life with marble.
A rubbish busker in Cambridge.

     Bletchley Park. Truly mind blowing.

   Perceptive doorway in Lille (not Amsterdam..)

                                                      Wintry morning shadows in Lincoln.
  The Lone Piper - Pipe Major Keith Arnott, without whom...
   (we would have original light fittings - and intact hearing.)

Elementary my dear.

     The Very Red Shoes.

                                                                  King King. Wow.

  Market Rasen at evenfall.
(oh yes there is! Maybe not in the OED but it's in Collins English Dictionary)
Indescribable joy.

    Superior graffiti in Belgium.

There's a website with photos of things that look like faces.
Trouble is when you start to see them they always seem to come in threes.

And another in Belgium.

My Syrian blanket (five years in the making!) in all it's glory before despatch.


Finished work and some images...

Tools of the trade...
Small loving frame.
 Try hugging this one!
Mariinsky Magic.
 "What's his name!!??"

Pen lettering.
Marillion Magic.
 My favourite rulers.
 Try it cross stitch, yummy.

 "Does it have sound?"

 Off the menu!
 "All At Sea" at HHG
Renoir esque

 Ghost sign in Bath.

New (ish ) work.

Mixed Media Canvases (canvii)

Somewhere over the rainbows...

Ghostly signage.
Posing Pausing over a hot drawing board.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. 

Where Eagles Dare.

 Lettering for the other half.
Hand made Wedding Invitations

A plethora of cards.
Pavement Calligraphy.